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GAWEEA VALVES | OXCYTECH SYSTEM Get Website Design ,Web Development, Ecommerce Services



Gaweea valves the leading company bases in the Saudi Arabia having client like Saudi Armco and SABIC group. This client is immensely important for us to work with them. It was first debuted making in the valves industries which was first recognized well with the acquiring the new client from the Gulf region.

Business Requirements :

Client wanted to build online platform for the purpose of the creating it presence in the business domain. It has tremendous potential in the business domain that will address the more approachable solution to their problem.

  • Company has a presence in the different domain like waste water, water supply, fire protection and gas supply giving all type of the services. So it will have the presence in the international market.
  • It has digital requirement like to give full digital presence to all the business that they are working.
  • Content so that the all user can see from all over the world. It must have presence in the international market so that all the stake holders across different location can contact to the client easily and may create more business friendly environment.
  • Client wanted to build the static website which will have the right presence to the client. It must give boost to the revenue building for the business all over the world.It should be easily addressable all region especially from the gulf countries.

Our out of the box solution :

It was greatly challenging to understand the business requirement form the other services like the given that making more efficient in the building this website. We not only have created the solution but have also given them a good business solution to that company so it may have better understanding about services we are providing.
  • Client wants to build the static website of the certain pages which will have the global presence.
  • As it will be looked by the over the world so that have to made more attractive which will attract to the people from the all over the world.
  • Company have right static product that it will give them great t presence in the international business domain as well. That it will have more and more qualitative presence to the company profile.
  • It should work on the all technological platform like the business and it should be main motivator to the visitor. It will have the all fnctionalities towards the business domain as much of competitors have.
  • It will give an over edge over the other company over this so that it will work in the right competitive strategy compare to other competitors.
  • It should have the social media platform to work so that all company may know people will know and will help in the Brand building.

Benefit of the Solution :

  • We have not just only given them online platform but also the complete solution to the business which is efficiently provided by us to the gulf client. Which are highly appreciable by the client to get the maximum revenue through this platform so that client got exactly support what he wanted. It was mutual understanding among yourself to have that kind of the more and more revenue should come into the effect in the near future.

Result :

  • As we have been made the progress so far at time of the making the great progress so that it was great taking environment for the business relating to the business of the environment. So taking it as the ecommerce project and learning form it was handful experience.

Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking